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sunny 40 °C

Okay so before it gets too dusty here, I better update this place a bit :)
Plus I 'm too lazy to tell the same stories of what we do and where we
are over and over again...Here we go:
When we arrived in Perth from Indonesia, we were a bit disappointed,
because our expectations difffered so much from reality. We literally
expected to bump into kangaroohs at the airport and having trouble
walking down the street because our chucks might be melting. We also
expected interesting venomous animals everywhere or at least outside
the airport building. But we soon realised that the only Kangaroohs
you can spot here in Perth are either made for BBQ or made of steel
and also we learned that not all the insects are poisonous in here and
not everything WANTS to kill you, especially not in Perth city (well
at least we were well prepared for everything). Okay so after
accepting reality, we had something else to complain about: the
weather. It was SO SO cold (less than 20 °C and at night times around
15 °C) and we, coming from Asia, didn 't have anything with us, no
jumper, no jeans and it was FREEZING! (looking back its actually
funny, I'm writing this now and it feels like a completely different
country im talking about, now the temperature hits around 40 °C
everyday and i wish it cooled down again, as in early november...you
see i 'm still truly German, always complaining;)
The first three weeks we stayed at magic mike, magic ollie and magic
patty in their beautiful appartment, which was actually too beautiful
and elegant for a (straight) men's shared house. We had an awesome time
and they helped us out with everything (thanks for the jumpers) and
yeah we had some funny conversations...Thanks for everything:)

After we acclimatized ourselves with the western standards again
(having a washing mashine, a toilet flush, hot and most of all clean
water...) we moved into a shared house with some friends of Magic
Ollie. We've been very succesful avoiding to stay at backpackers, just
because it's so expensive it's almost ridiculous(30$ a night). But when
jess and me moved in here, it turned out to be not as easy as it might
sound. Of course the previous tenant took all her stuff when moving
out and we found ourselves standing in a completely empty room. As
backpackers, we dont own much, especially no furniture. So there we
were, no furniture and no matress to sleep on but very happy to have a
washing mashine and that was everything that counted at that
time. Our roommates helped us out with some blankets and soon after
that we pimped our room with bulk rubbish and Lametta. We found a
matress on the street and bought pink tinsel and now its the most
beautiful place on earth. Sometimes its a bit messi but still
beautiful. At that point, we want to say sorry to our housemates Mich
and Pete for our messi tendency and that we are very grateful for your
patience. We're sorry from the bottom of our hearts. Each day anew.
Our roommates are awesome, even though they drink and smoke too much
but thinking about it, thats maybe why they are awesome. We're very
happy to have met them thaaaank you guys!! :)

When we have some free time we enjoy jumping off bridges or cliffs,
cause this is what you do in Australia if you get bored, haha.
But we dont have much freetime at the moment, cause we found a job in
the cottesloe beach club which is a nice
bar/restaurant/hotel/beergarden, whatever you want to call it. The
area is quite posh and so are the customers and i am actually sick of
dealing with them. Some people are so stuck-up and sniffy its funny

For example these +40years old women with fake tits ordering
haloumi pizza without haloumi and bechamel sauce and then complain
about getting a plain margarita pizza and the missing cheese. But we
get our money and that's most important and as long as we dont have to
deal with all these customers every day, its fun to work there as most
of the staff are backpackers and fun to hang out with. The Bar is
directly at the beach and we can go for a swim at midnight after work
or when we are on break.

What is annoying is when on sundays at the popular sunday session,
everyone gets so drunk and we still have to be friendly to them even
when they are just waisting our time. all the customer always want to
know where we are from, what we are doing, how we like Australia and
so on and so on and so on. When they hear we're from Germany, its
always the same end of the story ''AHHH duitschland!!! ains, zwai,
trei, Wunderbar! are you from the East or from the West?" As soon as
we clarify the fact that the wall came down twentytwo years ago and
there is noe EAST and WEST anymore, they always want to know more.
Where our parents came from and if we like Angela Morkl ore the bloody greeks. It
sucks to always tell everyone the same story, so jess and me invented
that game of making up new identities and the more people believe that
shit you are talking about, the better you are: I am recenetly
Pippilotta from Upsala who is saving up money to be an astronaut. Its
so much fun, because Aussis bevlieve you everything, only because they
can hear you are from Europe. I dont know what exactly they think is
going on in Europe but it most be a very interesting prejudice.

Jess and me are working a lot now but soon we are going to start the
traveling part of our work and travel holiday. Ive spent too much time
at the same place now and i really miss the nomad life. We bought a
van called clyfe who will be our friend, companion, car and home for
that time. We love him and hope he will love us back. He is turquiose
and matches our pink scooter perfectly. I think some people in our
neighbourhood think these german girls are a bit twisted in their
heads but who cares, we are in AUSTRALIA :-)

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