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Lila and Lucky from Luxembourg are leaving Australia

The final day arrived!

all seasons in one day 45 °C


Lila and me are going home and I'm actually sitting alone at the airport, already missing my better half. How am I supposed to sleep alone after 6 months of sharing a bed (or something similar. However you want to call it) with her!? Our last weeks down under were filled with fun as usual. Some people might not find it funny but we do. Hihi.

We took a flight to Cairns to fulfill the mission (diving the Great Barrier Reef) and the reason I came to Australia. We left all our stuff in Brisbane at Gerry and Niklas' place (also called: the German asylum) and started the trip with only a few T-shirts, shorts, bikini and a towel. We realised that it IS actually possible to travel that light (even though it's not guaranteed to always smell like roses) and now we know that our next trip together will reach a higher level: only one small rucksack will have to be enough. We used to tell people we met along our short trip to cairsn that we have been traveling 8 months with only that little luggage. We were treated like a goddess and felt so superior. Haha...

Anyways when we landed in Cairns we decided to walk the way from the Airport to the Hostel, because we thought that Cairns was only a small province. It was. On the map. Compared to the rest 8.600.000 km² Australia has to offer. In fact, it was a veeery long way from the airport to the Hoster. There we walked in the middle of the night along a rural street, telling each other stories about backpacker murderers... Suddenly the police approached and stopped next to us, asking if we went completely nuts. At the same time, I turned around and saw a big sign saying: Achtung Krokodile, dont walk, swim or camp here (yes it was written in GERMAN! WTF...) The police told us that we were actually taking a walk on crocodile territory and should get in the car immediately. They gave us a lift to the highway and we continued walking and laughing about what just happened, until another police car stopped and said we should get in the car immediately. They explained us that someone was following us all the way and they assumed it to be a group of drunk indigenous people. They gave us a lift to the next hostel and Jess' and my laughter got quiet. But still we were content and happy to get a private VIP lift from the airport to our destination. Entering the Hostel, the guy at the reception was confused about the police presence at our arrival and after telling him what has happened he gave us the night for free, because... I don't know. He maybe kind of liked us...Or maybe, he did not expect us to live much longer and felt sorry.
The next days, we did what backpackers do in Cairns, we went to the rainforest, the waterfalls and of course to the Great Barrier Reef. Talking about the letter, it was exceptional and simply the best diving experience I ever had. All the underwater pictures and movies you might have seen are nothing compared to the beauty of the reef in real life. I could continue declaring my love for hours, but I better hurry up. So it's been simply unexplainable and you better find out yourself (sorry that's very short now but I mean it). You should take some seasick pills with you if your going on board (or maybe morphine, because these pills didn't work for the two of us and we ended up throwing up all day.)
We spend all our money on outdoor activities in beautiful Cairns and then realised that we have to get back to Brisbane somehow so i can attend my flight back home. Unfortunately, Brisbane is roughly 2000km away from Cairns. No money. No return ticket. We didn't even hesitate and decided to hitchhike all the way down. Adventure, adventure...
The first person picking us up dropped us off 20ks outside Cairns at a petrol station from where we actually planned to make some new trucker friends, our favorite travel companions. But when we arrived, the police (we slowly got to know every police men in Cairns. :-) was standing there and we decided to talk to them, maybe they could give us a lift again. The police wasn't convinced and actually worried about our plans. Traitors.
They checked our identity, took our details and some pictures as well. So in case anything happens, they at least knew where to search for our bodies. Or its leftovers. And to have pictures for the News around the world. Great motivation, thanks.
But it turned out they were wrong (what else) and we soon met these two long-haired Australian bushmen, who traveled down to Brisbane and took us all the way. Their houses burned down in Cairns and now they had to find a new place to live, why not move to Brisbane?
We had to stop every hour though, so they could drink a beer or smoke a joint for better concentration...
We spent the next two days with them, sleeping under the car and talking about everything and nothing, driving all together for 15 hours. With that we managed to hitchhike almost all the way along the east coast of Australia without being raped or killed, which is good.
In the aftermath, we found out that hitchhiking is illegal in Queensland and charged up to 400$ by offence. Our guardian angels did a brilliant job again!

I've had enough of all of this now. I'm so looking forward to be going home, to be picked up from the airport and have a beautiful bed all for myself. No more being lost in a foreign city again, broke and hungry...
-for now.
And to see all my beaufitul friends and my family and everything that is there to see again.

There is no place like home, i learned, no place at all.

45degrees C difference in temperature, here i come!

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